Quick sanity-keeping “hacks” for 2023

Reading Time: < 1 minute

🚷 Purging calendar and rescheduling to have 2 full days/week without meetings or grouped events for clear morning/afternoon.
👉 For deep focus and social battery restoration.

⏲️ Connecting Asana to Clockwise to flexibly auto-schedule big-time tasks into the focus time slots. Tested in Q4 with flying colors.
👉 Not to be delusional with scheduling 30 hours into 15 hours left.

🛁 simpl.fyi for the minimalistic no-noise aesthetic of gmail. Best “it costs a coffee cup / month” purchase I started in ’21.
👉 Are you also in the “if it’s not cute I’m not going to use it” gang? 😆

❤️ emoji if you’re going to test one of those 💃

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