Top Takeaways from #MarketingLive2019

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What should we be expecting from Google to be rolled out this year. Get ready for some changes in how you’re advertising now!

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Discovery ads

Officially out of beta and available for all advertisers. From current testing I really don’t see it as a performance campaign, since ROAS is about as low as that of non-remarketing display campaigns.

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Improvements to smart bidding


Showcase ads will be more prominent

Roll out of local campaigns

A local campaign promotes your physical store across Search, Display, Maps, and YouTube in a format similar to responsive ads. Once you’ve provided your store locations, some ad copy, a couple images, a budget, and a bid, Google Ads optimizes ad delivery across its properties to maximize foot traffic to your stores.


MBB and Phrase match, goodbye

Phrase match and modified broad match will get the same close meaning variants as exact match did last year…

US and France will see new shopping page personalized for user

Purchasing directly from Google will work by a new system linking Google Shopping with Google Express. Purchases will have a Google guarantee, and will use information from your Google profile to assist in a quick checkout process.

No team to create your video ads? Try bumper machine.

Seasonality adjustment

You’ll be able to set up you business seasonality deviation in conversion rate so that the smart bidding strategies will be able to work with this data and adjust their performance accordingly.

Simplifying custom affinity and intent audiences

Audience expansion tool roll out

A merge of similar audience and look-alike from Facebook, audience expansion tool is officially available for all advertisers. So far I gotta say I wasn’t happy with its performance except for dedicated Gmail campaigns, but hope that with an official launch there’d be some twicks to make it work.

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