Happy start of 2020!

Last year I dedicated a bit more time to sharing articles and ended up writing 16 of those. Not bad, not terrible. Grumpying on regular basis is fun. So I made a combo compilation of everything useful to take into a new year.

🤖 Since I need more worshipers I’ll start with the scripts I shared:

(MCC) Hourly script checking if your accounts are alive
Impression weighted ad counting script with a dashboard
(MCC) Ad counting script for all accounts into a nifty dashboard
Script counting avg ads per campaign and reporting to log
Email searchterms from shopping campaigns that are missing in search campaigns
(MCC) Automatically increase campaign budgets each hour and email fyi changes  

🔔  New features you might’ve missed:

Google Ads Explanations
Facebooks Ads Custom Metrics
Google Ads Image Extentions
Google Ads Discovery Ads
New markets for Amazon Display
Masthead on TV screens
Google Ads Combined Audiences
Local Ad Campaigns
Bing Launched DSA
Google Ads Lead Extension
Youtube Ads Extensions
Swirl – 3D ads from google
Some bid strategies changed  

💕  Different useful or inspirational articles I loved last year:

Integrate Google Trends into Data Studio
Simple Script to Prevent Budget Overspend
Script to Track ecommerce result by ROAS
Audiences Observation as a Testing Money Savior
TikTok Advertising Guide
Data Driven Decision making for Ecommerce
Script to Exclude Controversial Youtube Placements
Get Leads from Google Ads Leadform to Spreadsheet and Email Notification
Why Your Mobile Visitors Don’t Buy  

Wish you good ppc results and adequate clients in 2020! If you like my blog and emails you can thank me by forwarding this email, resharing the knowledge shared here or buying me a cup’o’coffee.
Grumpy woof wishes you happy holidays.