My 5 takeaways from “The future of data driven decision making for E-commerce” webinar

My 5 takeaways from Keywordio webinar. Insightful tips for any ecommerce business striving online.

iPhone phenomenon

Incorporate business insights in your campaigns planning. For ex., search volume for iPhone is higher during the new model launch than on Black Friday or Xmas Holidays. As a reseller, if your ad budgets and bids are not ready you might miss out the best opportunity of the year. Make sure to make time for your research.


Limited budget work around

In an age of CPC rising with what it seems no limit, a limited budget might just be your account’s reality. Not every company can afford unlimited budgets and qualify for automated conversion optimization. If you have to still manually make decisions it’s worth to go oldschool style and analyze different segments and dimensions of your campaigns.


Can’t afford to bid the most all the time? Choose the audiences, campaigns, hours etc. when you can be on the top.


Offer! Offer! Offer?

Multichannel.. omnichannel.. It’s hard to keep track of all your data and attribute is accordingly, but for sure one should at least be consistent with the promotional materials.

The physical store has a promotion, the website has a promotion.. why there’s no information about promotion in you PPC ad? Ad with an offer get +30% CTR.


In the past year I see 3 kinds of “add to cart” reaction from the website.
a) a popup with a choice “check out” or “continue shopping”
b) a slider on the right side with the information of last added item
c) a reaction from a cart icon with a total price change

Of course there’s still option d) nothing happens and customer is confused… but let’s ignore that.


Personally I like option b) the most, then maybe c).

Option a) pisses the living shit out of me tbh. But… as an advertising specialist I learned early on that marketologist make the worst example people. Professional deformity.
Test after test option a) !a freaking popup! wins test after test and more companies switch to such option. Majority wins. Long live democracy 🙁
In this example, going to cart increased 10% and final check out by 3%.

Best practices can be local

This toy eshop tested what would work best:
a) offering option to buy (selecting size too) directly from the category page
b) classical option of clicking on product on the category page goes to a full product page

While in northern Europe option b) “classical” won, in South Korea it was the other way around and people preferred option a) shopping directly from a category page.

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