Monthly Must-Read: May 2019

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New Things

1. #MarketingLive2019

The biggest ppc news generator this month is Marketing Live Presentations by Google. I wrote down all important changes that will affect ppc advertisers this year.

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top takeaways from marketinglive 2019 - ppc, ppc strategy, google ads

2. New location extension potentially in test

3. Small interface tweak in Google Ads

4. B2B targeting in Google Ads?!

5. Facebook removes some of the targeting options

  • For housing, employment or credit ads targeted to the US, Facebook will no longer allow the ability to target by age, gender, or zip code.
  • Facebook is removing the ability to exclude Interests, will require location targeting to cover a minimum 15 mile geographic radius, and limit lookalike audience creation to only consider a more restricted list of factors.
  • Facebook is limiting the number of targetable interests available as to not potentially discriminate against a protected class like gender, religion, ethnicity, etc. Remaining interests in this space include terms like “apartment,” “credit card,” “renting,” “real estate.”

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Inspirational and Insightful

6. Visual reality helps shopping

Nike has implemented added reality to measure your foot and find a perfect fit among their sneakers.

7. Speed report in Search Console

While speed of the website is not part of the ppc auction, with the whole mobile-first pushing and user experience bettering who know if soon your website speed would be affecting your cpc.

8. Takeaways from Great Day for PPC Automation

At the end of May I attended an event in Linz (Austria) by SMEC called a Great Day for PPC Automation. I prepared a short summary of the inspiration points I took from this trip.

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takeaways from great day for ppc automation - overview of the conference ppc scripts tricks and tips

9. Detailed Demographic and Life Events targeting

A nifty summary of audience targeting advertisers often overlook.

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10. Why your landing page didn’t convert?

  1. Your ad promised me something you didn’t deliver
  2. You targeted me with your ad but rejected me with your page
  3. You’re asking for my contact info for no good reason
  4. You didn’t tell me how your offer works
  5. You forgot we’re not exclusive yet

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Let’s get technical

11. Guide To Google Ads Performance Planner

How to be eligible for it? How to use it for good? What to watch out for?

performance plan summary graph

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