Monthly Must-Read: June 2019

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New Things

1. New in-market audience pop-up

Change to the new in-market audience pop-up that shows real-time updates to weekly impressions based on location, language & campaign type

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2. Gmail ads blend in even better

Promoted section in Gmail that feature Gmail ads usually on top has been spotted showing ads in 3rd position. What a seamless blending in.

Gallery ads announced officially for roll out at #MarketingLive2019 are already available in some normal accounts.

4. Simplifying portfolio bid strategies

Some bidding strategies will see their sunset until the end of this year. Update your bidding to avoid unwanted surprises.

see google’s article ⯈⯈⯈

5. Google Introduces 3D Ads

Google is introducing a new display ad format, called Swirl, that allows users to interact with 3D objects.

Marketers can utilize their company’s existing 3D assets to produce ads that engage users by letting them rotate the object and zoom in and out.

Google Introduces Interactive Ads With 3D Objects
Google Introduces Interactive Ads With 3D Objects

Google has also introduced a new editor on its 3D platform Poly that will allow advertisers to edit their 3D models before publishing them in Swirl ads.

The Swirl display ad format will be rolling out later this summer.

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Inspirational and Insightful

6. How to get to smart shopping placements

Smart shopping black box has been an annoyance for many. Zato’s video article shows how to get at least placements reporting through API, Optmyzr or Ads Report.

google smart shopping placements in google ads reports

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Google Trends gets integrated into Data Studio via free third-party app
StrategiQ. For now the tool is free.


see full article ⯈⯈⯈

Let’s get technical

8. Adwords scripts tips and tricks

Small collection of helper functions as defined by creator.

As an occasional script writer I gotta say this is nifty. It’s very annoying to go through own scripts trying to remember where I used a necessary work-around. IMHO this article is golden for this.

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