Monthly Must-Read: 9 Best PPC Articles in February 2018

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 New Things (articles 1-3)

 Inspirational and Insightful (articles 4-8)

  Let’s get technical (article 9)

New Things

1. Introducing the mobile Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator

Not only you can test mobile website speed of yourself versus competitors but also calculate the potential revenue impact by inputting directly the information you have from web analytics.

check it out in action 

2. 2/27/18 – Ad filtering comes to the stable release of Chrome

Ad filtering… I mean.. ad blocking?

see more on Seroundtable ⯈⯈⯈

3. Are you ready for the attribution changes coming to Google AdWords?

Pssst.. Word on the street and from Google is they’ll stop supporting last click attribution sometime this year.

more information on Searchengineland ⯈⯈⯈

Inspirational and Insightful

4. The Upside Down: Negative Goals in Google Analytics

The word “goal” is all about aiming for good, positive objectives. If you are using goals, let’s take a trip to the Upside Down…

continue reading on Lunametrics ⯈⯈⯈

5. “How do you optimize Google AdWords that focus only on traffic?”

“If you’re using Google Analytics for your tracking, you can actually set up quite a few different metrics as “goals” – and those “goals” can then become “conversions” when passed along to Google AdWords.

And if you’re optimizing for traffic, then you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best traffic you can. This would translate to a low bounce rate, high pageviews-per-visit rates, high time on site, and so on. Once you determine your line for what you would consider your target, you can define this as a goal…then these goals become your conversions. You can even get to a point where you can use Conversion Optimizer within AdWords based on this data.”

more on Fangdigital ⯈⯈⯈

6. Event recap: State of Search with Brainlabs

Latest news and trends discussion from PPC Chat Live. Some keypoints:

A. New technology of voice search is reshaping the future of advertising. While it’s not clear how PPC niche would adapt, Google shares  some interesting trends over the past two years, including an increase of 150% in search volume for [best umbrellas].

B. Are people getting spoiled or just using new tech to the maximum? Google reported that it had seen a 37x increase in the number of searches including the phrase “near me”.

C. Decreased patience:

more information on Searchenginewatch ⯈⯈⯈

7. Prepare yourself for the future of audience-based advertising

Which ad would you click?

more on PPC Hero ⯈⯈⯈

8. Quora and Gemini – what are you missing?

Most of the time, Google is the only one and it doesn’t make sense to advertise anywhere else. Think twice! While Seerinteractive shares their success with Gemini advertising, PPC Hero is bragging about having good results from Quora. Maybe time to give those minis a second look.

Let’s get technical

9. GDPR – what is it and how will it impact online advertising

continue reading on PPC Hero ⯈⯈⯈

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