Monthly Must-Read: 21 Best PPC Articles in October 2018

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All 21 attention worthy PPC articles from the web in one place!

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 New Things (articles 1-13)

 Inspirational and Insightful (articles 14-19)

  Let’s get technical (article 20-21)

New Things

1. Vertical video ads. Who thought we’d live to see that

2. New recommended frequency capping

link ⯈⯈⯈

3. Customer match gets more exclusive

Now it’s necessary to compile with these requirements.

  • A good history of policy compliance.
  • A good payment history.
  • At least 90 days history in Google Ads.
  • More than USD 50,000 total lifetime spend.

After this you still need to request access.

see more on google’s article ⯈⯈⯈

4. eCPC optimization for conversion value

link ⯈⯈⯈

5. New builder for promotions in Merchant Center

link ⯈⯈⯈

6. TV device stats and bidding in Display

link ⯈⯈⯈

7. Conversation display ads

link ⯈⯈⯈

8. Shopping insights and alerts for USA market

link ⯈⯈⯈

9. Google closes down 30% CSS discount

link ⯈⯈⯈

10. Copy columns from old to new Google Ads UI

link ⯈⯈⯈

11. SEM Rush added 4 more countries’ CPC maps

link ⯈⯈⯈

12. New requirements for Smart Shopping

  • 20 conversions over the last 45 days across existing Shopping campaigns
  • have a remarketing list of at least 100 active users

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13. Facebook adds ROAS bidding

see more in facebook sheet ⯈⯈⯈

Inspirational and Insightful

14. Google Trademark policies soon to chance

If you’re a distributor, reseller or owner of informational website, you’ll be able to use Trademarked brand names in your text ads. Well, hello there, higher CTR!

continue reading ⯈⯈⯈

15. Clever way to use price extensions in search

As salary for job positions.

see the original tweet ⯈⯈⯈

16. How we set up immediate notifications that account is down


go to article ⯈⯈⯈

17. Monitor your competitor’s banner ads

see original tweet ⯈⯈⯈

continue reading on ppchero ⯈⯈⯈

19. What happened when we stopped brand campaign

Spoiler! 21% net revenue loss.

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Let’s get technical

20. Script  – Get keywords suggested for your search campaign from shopping searchterms

PPC Script Email Searchterms from Shopping to Be Added as Keywords in Search Campaigns

go to script article ⯈⯈⯈

21. MCC script – Increase budget and email changes

MCC Script Automatically Increase Campaign Budgets and Email Changes

go to script article ⯈⯈⯈

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