Monthly Must-Read: 11 Best PPC Articles in January 2018

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All attention worthy PPC articles from the web in one place!

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 New Things (articles 1-5)

 Inspirational and Insightful (articles 6-8)

  Let’s get technical (articles 9-11)

New Things

1. Getting Started With Google Showcase Shopping Ads

Showcase Shopping Ads are not THE brand new thing, but it is available only in the new interface so some advertiser could have skipped this feature. Check how to set it up in Clixmarketing article.

read more on ClixMarketing

2. Stricter criteria for monetization on YouTube

Previously it was required to have 10K total views to be eligible for monetization. From February 20th it would take a minimum of 1000 subs and 4000 hours within last year. YouTube is really bending for the advertisers.

see more on Google Blog ⯈⯈⯈

3. Promotion Extensions: The Newest Ad Extension You May Have Missed

Another amazing feature that has been rolled out globally at the end of the year.

more information on ClixMarketing ⯈⯈⯈

4. Google’s Custom Intent Audiences: What They Are & How To Use Them

What are Custom intent audiences and how to set them up.

continue reading on ClixMarketing ⯈⯈⯈

5. What Marketers Should Know as Google Moves Forward with Purchases on Google

Who needs your website anyway if you can check out directly on Google.

continue reading on MerkleInc ⯈⯈⯈

Inspirational and Insightful

6. Delayed Growth of Close Variants Following Google Changes Now Becoming Clear

Merkle blog shares their experience and data of Google rolling out not-so-close close variants update.

continue reading on MerkleInc ⯈⯈⯈

7. 4 Ways To Connect Your Paid Search & Shopping Campaign Efforts

Merry shopping and search… Now kiss! Don’t think of those two like some totally separate campaigns, says PPCHero.
– Use search terms from shopping to expand search campaign keyword base
– Test best description/benefits/key points in text ads in search to find the catchiest shopping description
– Use Top Converting Keywords on the Search Side to Help with Product Names and Descriptions in Your Shopping Feed

more on PPC Hero ⯈⯈⯈

8. “Maybe Later” – A New Interaction Model for E-commerce Entrance Popups

Yes, you’re probably not a UX guy, but just imagine the audiences you can create and retarget from this.

more information on Unbounce ⯈⯈⯈

Let’s get technical

9. 5 PPC Automation Ideas for 2018

continue reading on Clixmarketing ⯈⯈⯈

10. Time-Saving AdWords Editor Features You May Have Missed

continue reading on Clixmarketing ⯈⯈⯈

11. Automating Bidding With Google Sheets And Adwords Scripts

continue reading on PPC Hero ⯈⯈⯈

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