Marketing Podcasts: 12 Things I Learned From 25 Marketing School Podcasts With Neil Patel

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Lately I’ve been on a hunt for new sources of good online marketing tips and inspiration. Despite being a true feedly groupie, occasionally I get rage seizures from same old content about “10 ppc tips that were new in 2013 but we’re still posting it”. I didn’t even mind a different format – a book, a youtube video, a podcast… A podcast! Ding-ding-ding!

Spotify – my best friend and a soulmate helped me find a podcast by Neil Patel and Eric Siu called “Marketing School | Digital Marketing | Online Marketing”. Is the title optimized? I think it might just be.

Being basically a ppc dork and a blogger in a nutshell, I wrote out the most interesting and actionable theses for me from the first 25 podcasts I’ve listened to. If that’s what you dig as well – keep on reading!

1. Hunt down the CEO

When you want to reach some top company with your marketing pitch, contact its CEO first (the email should be tailored accordingly). If you’re interesting enough he/she will forward it to the marketing department and they will be more into responding you since they will assume you already know their CEO and are in a way “approved”.

2. Facebook is dead, long live Facebook

We hear that Facebook reach in dying for months if not for years for organic posting. What is left there to do then? Get out there and help and engage? Monitor questions and situations and reply to people, being helpful and there for them. Build relationship.

3. Upsell

Add upsell products at check out – you’re losing nothing, but you can gain a lot! Just be specific, it still should make sense.

that’s how we do it in Notino

4. It’s a zebra!

If it looks like a zebra, if it eats like a zebra… etc. etc. it’s probably a freaking zebra. Define what is you main client – how s/he looks, what s/he needs, how s/he searches for that etc., and focus a-a-a-a-all your effort there. Track YOUR client and adjust your marketing strategy to that. Don’t get side-tracked! You can always diversify later.

5. Google’s big secret

Google actually favors brand value in SEO much more than anything else, more than actual typical optimization efforts. Invest in building a brand and it’ll be the best signal for the search engine to show you. Don’t just make a short viral effect, but adjust your marketing strategy for the brand to be consistently searched by people. It’s long term planning but it pays off in the end.

6. Wing your existing content

You don’t always have to focus on creating new content, you can also focus on improving old one – use search console, keyword tools and optimise already existing content to increase organic visits.

7. Give it to me, baby

Give before you ask. First step is giving away: help, educate, be there. When it’s time for you to pitch your offer – they already know you and will accept it easier because they trust you, or they’ll think of you themselves when they need services/products like yours.

8. Milk non-US cow

Translate your services and sell them on other markets with lower competition. US market is highly competitive and if you start out, it’s beyond difficult. Try overseas – maybe you won’t get as much money but you will not have to face so much competition and need a smaller starting budget.

9. Who runs the world – gir… Amazon!

Extremely fast growing in US and Germany. Jump on Amazon advertising before others do.

10. Let’s start at the end

Write a good conclusion to an article. Blog analyses showed many people scroll to the end summary and if they like it – they scroll up to read the actual article.

11. Invest in self-education

If you can go learn online marketing at a company that would pay less but you’ll learn more – take this job. Invest in your education in this way. Earn more later.

12. Be flexible with the content format

Adjust content to your audience and yourself. If you’re not good with writing – consider making a podcast, if your audience prefers video – try it out. Try combining different mediums and figure out what works.

That’s all, folks

Long story short, Neil and Eric make awesome podcast. I wrote out the point that are interesting personally for me, but they also share more tips for business owners and start up enthusiasts. The format is short, snappy and straight to the point. On a side note, as a Ukrainian, it was funny and a small proud moment to hear guys mentioning that Ukrainian developers are good.

              Link to podcast

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