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👩‍💻 🤘 🔔 PPC news and articles from the last 7 days: new conversion funnel segment, chrome extension to combo-word your keywords, google ads connector free from new year, automation how-to for lead ads and more.

Conversion Funnel Segment

New Segment available in the Audience data. So far I agree with Steven Johns (author of the tweet) that the data doesn’t populate correctly.

Auto-suggestions in responsive ads

Easier Google Ads responsive ads creation with auto-suggestions from website and existing ads.

Tap on the ad field to see suggestions.


Extension to combo-word keywords

A free keyword wrapper/permutation tool as a Google Chrome Extension.

download chrome extension


Free Google Ads Connector

Automation: Leads from Google to Spreadsheet

Google Leads to Google Sheets - 4 - Integromat Scenario
image from Daniel Zrust article

New Lead extension in Google Ads allow you to download the data in the interface but there’s no notification system implemented (so far?).

Daniel Zrust offers an automated solution how to get information from lead extension in spreadsheet for easier management and get a notification about new one for quicker reactions.

read article from Daniel

Browser notifications

Google ads now offer browser notifications to warn you about all important issues. “Critical issues may cause your ads to stop running. Issues like this can include your credit card expiring or your payment being overdue.”

Google Ads Browser Notification
image from Terry Harris

New Amazon Display Markets

After US Amazon launches Sponsored Display ads beta in 8 new countries (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, CA, JP & IN). Hello more competition.

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