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👩‍💻 🤘 🔔 PPC news and articles from the last 7 days: combined audiences, holiday inmarket, new in app campaigns, youtube ads extensions, ads on tiktok.

Google Ads slowly rolls out few amazing features.

1. Combined Audience Targeting

The notification came from Steven John’s twitter.

2. Demographic bid adjustments

3. Holiday shoppers inmarket

4. New ways to promote your locations with Local campaigns

Real life example:

5. Pick up TODAY

More flexible ways to buy and pick up purchases with Shopping campaigns.

Store pick up will be now showing options like “Pick up today” and “Pick up later”

6. Demographic data on Shopping

7. Employment demographic in Video ads

8. Lead forms in Google Ads

Not brand new but now fully rolled out. If you missed it now you gonna kiss it.

9. App campaigns: +Ad Groups, + Ad Fields

More control and testing for your App Campaigns. Now instead of 2 Headers and 2 Descriptions there’re 5 each.

10. New Youtube Ads extension

Location, Call-to-Action and Sitelinks extensions

Why can’t Google roll these out at least month in advance instead of the last pre-holiday minute I don’t freaking understand.

Will I see all these updates fully this year anywhere but US ans UK accounts…

Image result for doubt meme

Domain above the ads content.

Like or dislike?

And it’s the only thing that supports discovery ads… buh-dum-tssss

Discovery Ads will expand to Youtube Watch Next

Great read on key points of promoting B2B business with paid social:

  • lookalike audiences on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • pay more attention to your creative – in business mindset as people browse LinkedIn they’re more likely to engage with your ad
  • tailor to your audience – don’t send out the same message to small company of 3 and 500+ employees.

Also in Marketing

Advertising on TikTok?

Check out this guide by Take Some Risk

I’m kinda waiting for TikTok to die as Vine did so I don’t need to figure it out 😀 But at the same time I’m super hyped as to what this network is going to evolve.

Instagram removes likes

After successful tests in New Zealand and Australia, Instagram rolls out globally the new world without likes.

So far people report weird Instagram stats both in stories and posts, but the hope it’s only a temporary bug. How else am I going to evaluate a picture of my green hair, huh?

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