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👩‍💻 🤘 🔔 PPC news and articles from the last 7 days: new attribution report, youtube lead ads, rsa vs eta ads and more.

Google simplifies attribution reporting

Attribution reporting in Google Ads is getting an update. The name is changing from Search attribution to simply Attribution. The update significantly streamlines the reporting.





Read more about it on SearchEngineLand

Youtube Lead Ads extra fields

YOUTUBE ADS: Work Information fields added to the BETA YouTube Lead Form feature.

Work information: Company name, Work email, Job title, Work phone number.

[script] Analyse RSA vs ETA ads

A script by Frederick Vallaeys to test if Responsive Search Ads are helping or hurting your campaigns at query level.

RSA (Responsive Search Ads) are neither good or bad, it all depends how you write the texts for the multiple fields. Which means a shitty ad fields will lead to a shitty ad copy combo. Sometimes it performs worse than the classical ETA.

Read the article and get the script

A script to test if Responsive Search Ads are helping or hurting your campaigns at query level.

The recommendation is one of four things:

  1. If the ad group has no RSAs, it recommends testing RSAs
  2. If the ad group has no ETAs, it recommends testing ETAs
  3. If the RSA is converting worse, it suggests moving the query into a SKAG with the existing ETA and testing some new RSA variations
  4. If the RSA is converting better, it suggests moving the query into a SKAG with the existing RSA and testing some new ETA variations
  • Notifications. You can get notifications when your optimization score changes by opting-in on the Settings page, which is located under the “More” menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Dark mode. The app also now has a Dark mode option. It will be enabled automatically if you’ve got Dark mode set on your phone. You can turn it on persistently in the app from the Settings page.

[inspiration] 24 banners and why they are/n’t clickable

Wordstream put together 24 banners to go through why they are successful.

Read the article


Responsive Display Ads in scripts

Google Ads scripts adds support for the latest format of Responsive Display Ads in ppc scripts.

At the end of the last year the previous Responsive Display Ads switched to legacy ads and dropped in impressions. If you’re experience this – go and update your ads.

Article from Google

Think with Google Podcast

Google launches 6 episode podcast series.

“We will be talking about automation and machine learning more broadly and the way that they’re impacting how marketers need to think about the ways in which they’re interacting with consumers and how that may enable better personalization of ad content.”

Currently episode 1 is available and it focuses on diversity and inclusion in marketing and features Google’s CMO Lorraine Twohill and Madeline Di Nonno, CEO of the Geena Davis Institute.

More information and where to listen.

Twitter launches stories in Brazil

Twitter is testing story-like feature – Fleets – in Brazil.

Like Instagram or Facebook stories, fleets will show up in a carousel at the top of the home timeline, and they’ll disappear after 24 hours. Fleets will also have a limit of 280 characters, like regular tweets, with the option to add images, videos, or GIFs, but users won’t be able to retweet, like, or publicly reply.

Depending on how the test goes in Brazil, Twitter says it may bring the feature to other countries.

Yandex.Direct ads 2 updates

Yandex.Direct launched Experiments feature out of beta available for all.

more information on yandex experiments

Yandex.Direct rolled out ads to Navigator (GPS like google.maps for cars)

more about yandex ads in navigator

yandex ads in navigator app
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